Friday, August 6, 2010


Haven't you ever noticed you can spice up a meatloaf with just about anything. When I first met my husband his idea of a meatloaf was just meat, bread crumbs, eggs and pepper. I on the other hand grew up with so many other ventures in my meatloaf. We put celery and onions (no ketchup or bbq sauce YUCK) and you can still put just about anything in it. Tonight can you guess what we are having? Yuppers Meat loaf. Now normally my hubby is the one doing the cooking since he is at home. We always sit down at the table and have dinner together. When my husband and I got together we made that a goal. That every night we will come together for 30min or however long) and eat and talk.
We have had some BMD and decided to ignore then respond. It's rough. It really is. My husband is trying to be a good father but how can you when every time you see your child their mother tell you, you are failing. Not only that, she tells your child he is failing! I can't imagine what my hubby is feeling!
I have the next three days off and hope to spend as much time with my boys! I might not get on here til Monday but I plan to make/bake quite a few things this weekend. I am prepping item's for P's lunches for school. I plan to bake them and freeze them. Pull them out as I need them. We will see how this venture turns out. I plan to make homemade granola bars (first time) and cupcakes. Not to mention dinners and lunches. So I will post pictures of anything I am proud of on Monday!

Til then Chow!

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