Monday, August 23, 2010

Chicken Salad

I haven't blogged in awhile because the hubby decided to take on the roll. He has blog and I was trying to help him get started. Plus we have all been SUPER sick. As opposed to regular sick, we have been sick all at the SAME TIME. That never happens with the adults. It's always one after the other or one never does. We were both sick and so was the baby. It was rough. Luckily it happened close to one of my weekends off and with only the baby at home. We locked ourselves inside and watched movies all while drugged up! With medicine of course! Anyway, one of my things I did this weekend was find my fit & fresh lunch containers!

I had been watching these on Amazon for awhile now. I got the idea from Shannon. They were going for $10 on Amazon. I was shopping at our local Meijer. I love to check out their clearance kitchen items. You can usually find great things there. Knowing I wasn't in the need of anything I just glanced around. Up on a top shelf I noticed these. I have not seen these there before (or I hadn't looked one of the two.) I was so excited I grabbed three. One for P, one for me and one as a gift. Mine will turn into C's when he goes to school full time. Did I mention I found them for $6.29. YA, I know right! Now close your mouth! lol! I want to go get more just in case, you know. I am geared up for making "bento" style lunches. I won't be making full on bentos but close. This will help me. I am trying to do better homemade lunches for the boys (and M when she is with us.) Today I had homemade chicken salad (real chicken, with light mayo and celery) in the bottom half, in the right container I had carrots with homemade dip and in the left container I had 8 crackers. I loved having this!

At home in the freezer I already have a Ziploc bag full of chocolate chip banana bread muffins, cherry chip with vanilla frosting cupcakes and dried cherries and chocolate chip granola bites. All homemade and ready to go for Sept 7th (P's first day of school.) Of course he won't be taking it all that day it's in preparation for everyday. Tonight I plan to go home and bake cinnabuns, cream cheese and jam biscuits, ham and cheese biscuits and peanut butter and jelly biscuits. These are a great alternative to the regular sandwich. I buy the Pillsbury whole wheat/grain biscuits. You cut them in half. On one half put the ingredients on. Then take the other half and place on top. Pinch the sides together until sealed. Bake as normal. Put in plastic baggy and keep in freezer until needed. They thaw by lunch time!

Here are pictures from when I made the cherry chip and vanilla frosting cupcakes
 and the granola bites
We get M for a week in October (her mom has a conference for work in Seattle....I doubt it is for work, why lie). I am excited to make this for her too! We will see how tonight's cooking goes! I'll report back tomorrow with pictures!

P.S. have you guys tried sonic yet? I have not, they just built them in my state two years ago. They are in the city. They did build one up by me and it was supposed to open this summer but the guy is selling his franchise so no sonic for me. I would love to try their real ice cram of any falvor though go check out this great review on them!

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