Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yup, that's right I am taking a crack at expressing my world to you! Well if there is a you! I have been following a few blogs myself for a few years. Knowing I'm not and never will be as witty as them, I thought eh what the heck who's really gonna read this anyway. I follow food blogs, mommy blogs and daddy blogs. My blog will be a little bit of everything. It will be about baby mama drama (I hate that statement but it easiest to say it cause that's what it is), it will be about work, my kiddos, hubby, family and food! Yumm food! Oh and it just might be about my weight issues!
I will make every title a food, not saying the subject will be about food but it's something you can put in a blender and make! Margarittas aren't a food but the work for today!LOL! I might say things that are rude, unnecessary and down right vulgar but all well! It's my blog and it's me! I am going to make this blog real and hide nothing from you!
My husband has a 7yr old daughter from a previous relationship (one night stand so if you can even call it a relationship), which is where the BMD (baby mama drama) comes from. I have a 6yr old from a previous relationship. His father passed when he was only 18months old. Also, My husband and I have a 3 yr old son together. I work full time and he is a stay at home daddy. This is where our story begins!
I might not blog everyday but I will try. If you wish to come back and see what I have to offer, I'll be here.


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