Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chili, Salsa, Biscuits and Cheese!

It's been awhile I know but so much has gone on that I can't write about. Our family is in limbo right now with a lot of things. One thing I am not though is lunches. I made new sandwiches for P's lunches. I found a recipe that sounded yummy. You take a typical biscuit and flatten it out. In a bowl mix canned chili (or homemade) with salsa. Put a scoop full on the biscuit and top with shredded cheese. Bake at 400* until the biscuits are golden brown. SO YUMMY!!!
biscuits cost- $.52 chili cost- $.75 salsa cost- $3.99 cheese cost- $1.99 when broken down to how much I used, I made 18 biscuits (out of 20). I used one can of chili two biscuit tubes, three table spoons of salsa and a half of a 8oz bag of cheese. Broken down I would say around $.20 per biscuit. P has two per lunch and takes a water bottle with veggies and packed pretzels.
biscuits- $.40
drink- nothing
veggies- $.20
pretzels- $.13
total lunch cost $.73
NOT BAD!!!! He receives reduced lunch at a cost of $.40 a lunch so it's more then the school lunch but more fulfilling as a mother to say I provided this for my child and I know what goes into it.
I also managed to get 3 boodbyn (s) for the kids for Christmas at a wonderfully reasonable price ($2.95 a piece.) I know right. Cannot wait until after Christmas to start using them!
Hopefully I can write more with pictures soon!

Til then Chow

Friday, August 27, 2010

Coconut Shrimp

This week was definitely an up and down week. Wednesday was the 5yr anniversary of P's Dad. Yesterday was my 4yr anniversary with the hubby and we also celebrated at work one of the manager's 50th birthday (early).
Tuesday night the hubby and I were talking in bed about what to do for P the next day. We are tired of having the memory of his dad be sad or make "people" cry. His memories (well what people tell him because he was only 1.5yrs old when it happened) should be happy. They should make P happy to know that this person is his father and would be proud of him. Not sad that he can't be here or whatever. I knew I would be working all day so I wouldn't be able to take him to the cemetery. I had a plan to let go 5 blue balloons (we let them go at the funeral), but Shawn suggested I ask P what he wants to do. I agreed. This is about him anyway. I asked him the next morning. He told me he wanted to look at all of my old pictures of him. I agreed. We ended up not doing it. To busy or whatever, but his father's birthday is Monday and I will do it with him then!
Yesterday, we ccelebrated my bosses 50th birthday. We did it 4 days early though because he would suspect something ON his birthday. Here are some of the pictures of what we did.
His Parking Spot, his office, the conference room and him with his cake NOTE: everything is blocked because I do not have their permission.  

I didn't get pictures of all the food (sorry) I got a picture of my plate. I wasn't feeling good so I didn't eat too much. I am sure I will forget something but here is a list of the pot luck food:
Pork Loin
Hot Dogs
Tomato and Feta Salad
Antipasto Salad
Snicker Salad
Strawberry Jello with cool whip and pretzels
Deviled Eggs
Stuffed Mushrooms
Broccoli Salad
Cheesy Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Meat Balls
Mac N Cheese

I think that's it

This is his cake

This is my plate. Pickle, Pork Loin (yum), stuffed mushrooms and the jello with strawberries, cool whip and pretzels.

The Hubby and I also celebrated our 4yr anniversary. Last minute the hubby got his cousin to watch the boys so we could at least go to dinner. With us being so sick he wasn't sure what the day would bring, so we played it by ear. I got home from work and we got pizza for the boys. We went and bought me a new pair of shoes and a purse. Which by the way I love my new shoes and with all of the discounts (buy one get one half off and a 15% off I printed) the purse was 15.99 and I got it for a measly 2.74 you cannot beat that. Then we went to dinner at our local seafood place. He got stuffed mushrooms to start. I had a few bits of bread and a few bites of my salad and my sickness kicked in again. I had already ordered my crab legs, lobster tail and coconut shrimp so there was no cancelling it. Hubby got the same but his shrimp was scampi. he devoured his meal and I was trying to calm the nausea. I got a box right away (didn't even touch the food) and waited for him to be done.
We then ran over to meijer to pick P up a lunch pal to hold his Fit & Fresh Lunch. Then we went to blockbuster to rent Madden 11 for hubby. When we got home I started to feel a little better and ate my lobster tail. Then crawled into bed with a coke (coke always soothes my stomach) and watched rookie blue and jersey shore the history channel to enlighten myself. LOL! The hubby played his game in the living room. I know right great anniversary. But you know that's what works for us. Everyone has their own way and this way works for us. I don't get annoyed that he is playing his game because I am watching my show and he doesn't get dragged into watching my shows. So, in the end we appreciate each other more for not being forced into something and giving each other something that the other likes!
I brought my coconut shrimp for lunch today. I also brought the left over pizza rolls from the boys. The last bit of the chicken salad is in a tortilla roll up sliced up. Here's a pic.

I so did not eat all of that! Tummy is a little on edge still.

Who knows what wonderful food we will have tonight. We get Maddi for our weekend tonight. The hubs plans to make (our style) Frankenmuth Chicken which the family LOVES.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Biscuits and Gravy?

I did what I said I was going to do, I BAKED! I didn't mop my floors. I was going to do that but the hubby was sick and didn't want to vacuum the floors so I could. I started off with my ham and cheese biscuits. Then I bought real blackberry jam (YUM) and made crunchy peanut butter and jam and ended it with cream cheese and jam. They turned out great. I need to try one of each though so I know how they taste. I have seen them on other blogs but never tried them. I refuse to feed my children anything I wouldn't eat myself. After I finish the remaining chicken salad at the house I will be trying these. Below is a picture. On the left is ham and cheese. On the right is the cream cheese and jam and the peanut butter and jam. Doesn't it look so yummy with the jam OOOOOZZZZZING out! 

These are the Cinnabuns I made. Without the frosting I have to go home and do that tonight. I always make them in muffin pans because it is just easier that way. It controls how big they get. These are not homemade. They are Pillsbury but whatever. At least I baked them. They are reduced fat too. The kids can't tell the difference but my waist line can! lol!

I also included a picture of my second lunch in my Fit & Fresh box. Today I have a chicken salad sandwich on Aunt Millie’s multi grain white bread with romaine lettuce. I have grapes in one container and carrots and radishes in another. The dip is a family recipe. It's dry hidden valley ranch packet with cream cheese, sour cream and milk. So yummy!

There's is nothing exciting in the regular non-food life. We found out M's moms boyfriend will be coming home in Feb (not saying where he is). It's a huge long story. Now we have to plan our way of action. We are going to see what life holds for us in the next 6-7months. I will pray a lot for her safety!

Tonight I hope to actually mop my floors. Tomorrow I have to make cheesy potatoes to bring to the pot luck at work. One of the managers is turning 50 and we have a big plan of action for him. Including yummy food! So excited!

Til then!

P.S. What is you favorite kind of cereal? Mine is rice krispies. Check out this to hear more great things on cereal!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chicken Salad

I haven't blogged in awhile because the hubby decided to take on the roll. He has blog and I was trying to help him get started. Plus we have all been SUPER sick. As opposed to regular sick, we have been sick all at the SAME TIME. That never happens with the adults. It's always one after the other or one never does. We were both sick and so was the baby. It was rough. Luckily it happened close to one of my weekends off and with only the baby at home. We locked ourselves inside and watched movies all while drugged up! With medicine of course! Anyway, one of my things I did this weekend was find my fit & fresh lunch containers!

I had been watching these on Amazon for awhile now. I got the idea from Shannon. They were going for $10 on Amazon. I was shopping at our local Meijer. I love to check out their clearance kitchen items. You can usually find great things there. Knowing I wasn't in the need of anything I just glanced around. Up on a top shelf I noticed these. I have not seen these there before (or I hadn't looked one of the two.) I was so excited I grabbed three. One for P, one for me and one as a gift. Mine will turn into C's when he goes to school full time. Did I mention I found them for $6.29. YA, I know right! Now close your mouth! lol! I want to go get more just in case, you know. I am geared up for making "bento" style lunches. I won't be making full on bentos but close. This will help me. I am trying to do better homemade lunches for the boys (and M when she is with us.) Today I had homemade chicken salad (real chicken, with light mayo and celery) in the bottom half, in the right container I had carrots with homemade dip and in the left container I had 8 crackers. I loved having this!

At home in the freezer I already have a Ziploc bag full of chocolate chip banana bread muffins, cherry chip with vanilla frosting cupcakes and dried cherries and chocolate chip granola bites. All homemade and ready to go for Sept 7th (P's first day of school.) Of course he won't be taking it all that day it's in preparation for everyday. Tonight I plan to go home and bake cinnabuns, cream cheese and jam biscuits, ham and cheese biscuits and peanut butter and jelly biscuits. These are a great alternative to the regular sandwich. I buy the Pillsbury whole wheat/grain biscuits. You cut them in half. On one half put the ingredients on. Then take the other half and place on top. Pinch the sides together until sealed. Bake as normal. Put in plastic baggy and keep in freezer until needed. They thaw by lunch time!

Here are pictures from when I made the cherry chip and vanilla frosting cupcakes
 and the granola bites
We get M for a week in October (her mom has a conference for work in Seattle....I doubt it is for work, why lie). I am excited to make this for her too! We will see how tonight's cooking goes! I'll report back tomorrow with pictures!

P.S. have you guys tried sonic yet? I have not, they just built them in my state two years ago. They are in the city. They did build one up by me and it was supposed to open this summer but the guy is selling his franchise so no sonic for me. I would love to try their real ice cram of any falvor though go check out this great review on them!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Haven't you ever noticed you can spice up a meatloaf with just about anything. When I first met my husband his idea of a meatloaf was just meat, bread crumbs, eggs and pepper. I on the other hand grew up with so many other ventures in my meatloaf. We put celery and onions (no ketchup or bbq sauce YUCK) and you can still put just about anything in it. Tonight can you guess what we are having? Yuppers Meat loaf. Now normally my hubby is the one doing the cooking since he is at home. We always sit down at the table and have dinner together. When my husband and I got together we made that a goal. That every night we will come together for 30min or however long) and eat and talk.
We have had some BMD and decided to ignore then respond. It's rough. It really is. My husband is trying to be a good father but how can you when every time you see your child their mother tell you, you are failing. Not only that, she tells your child he is failing! I can't imagine what my hubby is feeling!
I have the next three days off and hope to spend as much time with my boys! I might not get on here til Monday but I plan to make/bake quite a few things this weekend. I am prepping item's for P's lunches for school. I plan to bake them and freeze them. Pull them out as I need them. We will see how this venture turns out. I plan to make homemade granola bars (first time) and cupcakes. Not to mention dinners and lunches. So I will post pictures of anything I am proud of on Monday!

Til then Chow!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yup, that's right I am taking a crack at expressing my world to you! Well if there is a you! I have been following a few blogs myself for a few years. Knowing I'm not and never will be as witty as them, I thought eh what the heck who's really gonna read this anyway. I follow food blogs, mommy blogs and daddy blogs. My blog will be a little bit of everything. It will be about baby mama drama (I hate that statement but it easiest to say it cause that's what it is), it will be about work, my kiddos, hubby, family and food! Yumm food! Oh and it just might be about my weight issues!
I will make every title a food, not saying the subject will be about food but it's something you can put in a blender and make! Margarittas aren't a food but the work for today!LOL! I might say things that are rude, unnecessary and down right vulgar but all well! It's my blog and it's me! I am going to make this blog real and hide nothing from you!
My husband has a 7yr old daughter from a previous relationship (one night stand so if you can even call it a relationship), which is where the BMD (baby mama drama) comes from. I have a 6yr old from a previous relationship. His father passed when he was only 18months old. Also, My husband and I have a 3 yr old son together. I work full time and he is a stay at home daddy. This is where our story begins!
I might not blog everyday but I will try. If you wish to come back and see what I have to offer, I'll be here.