Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Biscuits and Gravy?

I did what I said I was going to do, I BAKED! I didn't mop my floors. I was going to do that but the hubby was sick and didn't want to vacuum the floors so I could. I started off with my ham and cheese biscuits. Then I bought real blackberry jam (YUM) and made crunchy peanut butter and jam and ended it with cream cheese and jam. They turned out great. I need to try one of each though so I know how they taste. I have seen them on other blogs but never tried them. I refuse to feed my children anything I wouldn't eat myself. After I finish the remaining chicken salad at the house I will be trying these. Below is a picture. On the left is ham and cheese. On the right is the cream cheese and jam and the peanut butter and jam. Doesn't it look so yummy with the jam OOOOOZZZZZING out! 

These are the Cinnabuns I made. Without the frosting I have to go home and do that tonight. I always make them in muffin pans because it is just easier that way. It controls how big they get. These are not homemade. They are Pillsbury but whatever. At least I baked them. They are reduced fat too. The kids can't tell the difference but my waist line can! lol!

I also included a picture of my second lunch in my Fit & Fresh box. Today I have a chicken salad sandwich on Aunt Millie’s multi grain white bread with romaine lettuce. I have grapes in one container and carrots and radishes in another. The dip is a family recipe. It's dry hidden valley ranch packet with cream cheese, sour cream and milk. So yummy!

There's is nothing exciting in the regular non-food life. We found out M's moms boyfriend will be coming home in Feb (not saying where he is). It's a huge long story. Now we have to plan our way of action. We are going to see what life holds for us in the next 6-7months. I will pray a lot for her safety!

Tonight I hope to actually mop my floors. Tomorrow I have to make cheesy potatoes to bring to the pot luck at work. One of the managers is turning 50 and we have a big plan of action for him. Including yummy food! So excited!

Til then!

P.S. What is you favorite kind of cereal? Mine is rice krispies. Check out this to hear more great things on cereal!

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