Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chili, Salsa, Biscuits and Cheese!

It's been awhile I know but so much has gone on that I can't write about. Our family is in limbo right now with a lot of things. One thing I am not though is lunches. I made new sandwiches for P's lunches. I found a recipe that sounded yummy. You take a typical biscuit and flatten it out. In a bowl mix canned chili (or homemade) with salsa. Put a scoop full on the biscuit and top with shredded cheese. Bake at 400* until the biscuits are golden brown. SO YUMMY!!!
biscuits cost- $.52 chili cost- $.75 salsa cost- $3.99 cheese cost- $1.99 when broken down to how much I used, I made 18 biscuits (out of 20). I used one can of chili two biscuit tubes, three table spoons of salsa and a half of a 8oz bag of cheese. Broken down I would say around $.20 per biscuit. P has two per lunch and takes a water bottle with veggies and packed pretzels.
biscuits- $.40
drink- nothing
veggies- $.20
pretzels- $.13
total lunch cost $.73
NOT BAD!!!! He receives reduced lunch at a cost of $.40 a lunch so it's more then the school lunch but more fulfilling as a mother to say I provided this for my child and I know what goes into it.
I also managed to get 3 boodbyn (s) for the kids for Christmas at a wonderfully reasonable price ($2.95 a piece.) I know right. Cannot wait until after Christmas to start using them!
Hopefully I can write more with pictures soon!

Til then Chow